LBD 5 Looks:

LBD 5 Looks photos by Michelle Chen.

The little black dress first made its appearance in the pages of Vogue in 1926 and was accredited to the woman behind the Chanel brand – Coco Chanel. Since it’s inception in the fashion world, the little black dress has become a staple in essentially every woman’s wardrobe. The black dress silhouette has the ability to flatter any silhouette and can be either dressed up or dressed down for any occasion imaginable. A friend of mine typically does not wear dresses but I noticed her love of comfortable knit sweaters with raglan sleeves. The beauty of the little black dress is its adaptability; I designed a LBD with raglan sleeves exclusively for her. Now she owns a dress in which she can easily slip over, style up with a few accessories, and comfortably step out into the city for a day of errands or stay in and enjoy a social gathering amongst her friends. When in doubt in what to wear, never fear – that little black dress is calling your name and is beckoning you to engage in a world of styling possibilities. Often, the little black dress is made from a comfortable knit such as cotton jersey. This allows the fabric to not only accentuate a woman’s features but also to be worn comfortably (it’s not just stylish, it’s also comfy)! Black serves as the perfect canvas for the dress’s wearer to showcase her personal style because it is such a universally flattering color.