Year: 2012‑2013

Medium: color pencil, pen

Size: 11W x 14L

Dress is made with bottle caps, satin, and English netting. Purse is made with bottle caps and poster board. Headpieces are made out of bottle caps and English netting.

The idea for the outfit came when I came across the bags of bottles to be recycled sitting on campus. This was something that people discarded daily; people recycle the bottles but what happens to the caps in the process? I thought it would be best to re‑purpose it as inspiration since it was something that was overlooked too often. The various sizes and colors were like little droplets of candy and the shape was versatile enough to be utilized in many ways. The texture and varying heights would mean even more options – I could flip them over or have them right‑side‑up and contrast the heights. I wanted something that had classic elements but still reflected my vision as a designer. I love playing with shape and color is a key ingredient in my daily life. The dress would be fun, vibrant, and a piece of art but still functional to an extent. I put a lot of careful consideration into the design. I wanted some extra drama but I also did not want to emphasize the hips too much. Instead, I wanted to mimic the look of a corset and bring attention to the waist. Not wanting the bust to be too heavy in aesthetic appeal and function, I had the bottle caps slowly fade out. When thinking of the bolero, I thought of bringing attention to the shoulders. The netting would give the bolero an opaque appearance but still be translucent enough to compliment the shape of the dress.