Photo by Jeion Green.


I am Nathaniel Wu, a fashion designer and artist based in LA and NYC. 

As a fashion designer, I see myself as an artist who sets about fashion design as means of making social commentary that, at the same time, allows for the functionality of a garment. My life philosophy is one in which we must never lose our sense of wonder – there is simply too much the world has to offer insomuch as the human lifespan that we mustn’t tarry. That is why I design for the woman on-the-go. She has some place to be and something to achieve and she needs fashion that is there to aid and provide her the best in movement and wear-ability in her day-to-day tasks. As color plays a huge role in my life, I draw upon the practices of color theory and the psychology of color to evoke a mood in the wearer. Asymmetry is often utilized in my design as nothing in this world is perfect. It is in the imperfections that life becomes more interesting.

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